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Badlands "Dark Dreams" 7 inch

by Badlands

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Side A- Dreams
Side B- Dark Days

Porchcore Review-BADLANDS- Before I left the country, one of the last shows I went to was at a house in LA called the Wulf Den where I saw the great Adrian Tenney's new band, Badlands, play. I have been a long time fan of Adrian's other band God Equals Genocide, for which she drums for, but Badlands is a whole other story. Badlands is purely special and the best thing I've seen or heard in the underground scene in a very long time. And yes there is still an underground scene. Let me just say, that during their performance at the Wulf Den, there was fucking magic in the air and like a hopeful positive loving energy in the room that felt rare, you could feel everyone's heart being touched by the sounds of Badlands. I felt honored to be there, like the rest of the world not in that room was missing the greatest thing to ever happen. Anyway, that will be a show I remember for the rest of my life and I have been listening to Badlands everyday for the past three months. Although it is more gentle to the ears than G=G, it still possesses that strong punk vibe. The lyrics take you on a ride thru reflecting on simple but complicated things in life, becoming wise, maturing and learning. The So Little EP will take you on a spiritual journey to the after life of punk. Everytime I listen to this EP I feel refreshed. I also would like to add that I am a huge Mirah fan (K Records) and Badland's sound kind of reminds me of a more punked up version of Mirah's first album. Love love love it. so much. 7 inch coming to porchcore :)